Bugle of Rufus Wilbur

Rufus A. Wilbur, 26 years old, a teamster from Portland with hazel eyes, auburn hair, standing 5 foot 10 inches tall, was killed while sounding this bugle at the Battle of Sayler's Creek on April 6th, 1865.

The plate is inscribed "1861-1865" above the Maine State seal and crossed sabres, followed by:


Adelaide C.Wilber
as a testimonial and
witness to the courageous Spirit,
Invincible Bravery and Steadfastness
displayed by our fallen comrade
Rufus A.Wilbur, Bugler
Lt Benjamin A.Osborne
and the sergeants of
Co E 1st Regt Maine Cavalry
Bohan Field, John D. Thayer,
Jamie A. Herbert, John Hunt,
Benjamin F. Sanborn, Charles S. Luce.
His Horn

This horn was listed at Hendershott for $17,500. The above images and some of the text were taken from their site.

It was listed at: http://www.garyhendershott.com/productdetail.cfm?Key=1515

January 26, 2004