In 1861, Maine Adjutant General John L. Hodsdon was looking to find suitable horses for the 1st Maine as it was being formed. He published notices in local newspapers throughout Maine informing residents where and when they should present their horses for sale, and describing the horses the cavalry wanted:
Cavalry Horses Wanted

From 20 to 60 HORSES will be purchased for Cavalry Service at BRUNSWICK, on MONDAY, the 7 th day of Oct., at ten o'clock A. M.

A like number at RICHMOND, on TUESDAY the 8th, at the same hour of the day.

A like number at DAMARISCOTTA, on WEDNESDAY, the 9th, at same hour.

A like number at THOMASTON, on THURSDAY, the 10 th , at same hour.

A like number at UNION COMMON, on FRIDAY, the 11 th , at same hour.

A like number at LEWISTON, on MONDAY, the 14 th , at same hour.

A like number at DIXFIELD, on TUESDAY, the 15 th , at same hour.

A like number at BRETTON'S MILLS, on WEDNESDAY, the 16 th , at same hour.

The horses must be sound in all particulars, from 15 to 16 hands high, not less than five nor more than nine years old, color to be Bay, Brown, Black, and Sorrel, good square trotters, bridle-wise, and of size sufficient for the purpose above named. A small proportion of grey Geldings and dark Mares will be purchased. The Horses must be well shod.

The horses will be purchased by G. W. RICKER, and

JOHN L. HODSON, Act'g Q. M. Gen'l. Augusta, October 3, 1861.

(warrant 1207)

Maine State Archives