Myrick's Colt & Wesson Joseph Myrick's Colt revolver & Wesson rifle

Joseph H. Myrick's Two Trigger Frank Wesson .38 rifle with peep sight and 1860 Colt Army marked on the grip with JH Myrick 1ME.
Also shown are the loading tools, bullet mold, Colt nipple wrench, hand made ramrod, cap puller, powder flask (marked JHM), and bullets actually made by J. Myrick before he died.

Joseph H. Myrick was born in 1838 in Palmyra, listed in the 1850, 1860 and 1880 US censuses
His mother's name was Pemelia and was still living in 1880
Wife's name was Lucy A. Myrick
Joseph was a farmer and a sailor at different times in his life
In the 1880 census he has a son named James J. who is then 19
In the 1860 census Joseph is 23 and has a brother Richard-20 and sister Ann-21
Joseph enlisted in the 1st Maine Calvary on December 04, 1863 and served Company C as a Private until discharged on June 05, 1865.

Images and information supplied by: Edward Crawford, the owner of the artifacts.