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What the heck is a Diplomacy Tribune?

Well, back in the late 80's I ran postal Diploamcy games hosted through a newsletter called, you guessed it; The Diplomacy Tribune. The Trib folded back in June of 1991 (I got laid off unexpectedly).

Now, 17 years later, I've gotten back into Diplomacy, online this time. Playing, GMing, and even creating variants required that I set up some web space to post maps and files. As that grew, I figured I'd set up more formal web page and a web page has to have a name so...I revived the old zine's name - and so you have it.

The background image is a photo of the photcopy original of the first issue of the Trib from April 1989.

Oh please take me back, I can't stand it any more!

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