The 1st Maine's regimental forge in action at Camp Bayard near Belle Plain during the winter of 1862-63.
Scanned from the high-quality print opposite page 112 of an original copy of Tobie's regimental history. Because the original is a tintype, it's flopped it to read right.
From the caption, it appears that Andrew Stetson of Company D stands at left.
Charles W. Lyons of Company E stands at the bellows lever, apparently wearing a well-battered dress hat with brass.
Note that the fellow on the tool chest wears his forage cap backwards.
Levi Crowell of Company K sits at center by a keg full of shoes.
Tristum Andrews of Company E wears a leather apron and wields the hammer; looks like he might be punching a shoe.
Note the "contraband" holding the horse at right while someone prepares its hoof for the shoe.