Orrin S. Haskell was a 26-year-old resident of Levant when he was mustered in to Company A of the 1st Maine in October 1861.
He served as company clerk and was promoted to regimental quartermaster sergeant on March 9, 1863.
He was commissioned 2nd lieutenant of Company A on February 9, 1864, and to 1st lieutenant on September 3, 1864.
He served as quartermaster of the cavalry depot at City Point in September, and then acted as regimental quartermaster from October 18, 1864 to June 25, 1865.
This image is a detail from a group portrait of a nine-member 2nd Cavalry Division court martial board at Warrenton, Virginia, in February or March 1864.
In front of Haskell sits Captain J. H. Rush of the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Image contributed by Chris Steves (great-great-great-grandson)