Benjamin A. Osborne was a 19-year-old resident of Lincoln when he was mustered in to Company E of the 1st Maine as saddler in October 1861.
He reenlisted March 28, 1864, and was promoted to sergeant and later orderly sergeant later in 1864.
He was commissioned 2nd lieutenant on March 20, 1865, and commanded Company E after Captain Heald was killed at Sailor's Creek on April 6.
He commanded the company in action at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.
In the attack on Lee's trains captain Heald was killed and command fell to Lt Osborne who, after placing the company in the regiment's new line with two men under heavy fire, dashed up to within 75 yards of the enemy's line and rescued 1st Sgt Charles Baily (mortally wounded) and the body of Captain Heald.
He was promoted to 1st lieutenant later in April and mustered out with the regiment.
J. S. Hendee of Augusta photographed him as a 1st lieutenant.