Major Andrew B. Spurling
2nd Maine Cavalry Veteran Volunteers

Born in Cranberry Isles Maine, he enlisted in the 1st Maine Cavalry as a Lieutenant, eventually becoming Captain of Co D when C. H. Smith was promoted to Major.

He joined 2nd Maine Cavalry in late 1863 as it's Junior Major and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel over, and at the insistance of, officers senior to him.

Awarded the Medal of Honor on September 10th, 1897 for his action at Evergreen, Ala, 23 in March 1865 where he advanced alone in the darkness beyond the picket line, coming upon 3 of the enemy. He fired upon them, and they back at him, he wounding 2, and captured the entire party.

Andrew Spurling's exploits could and should fill a book. Someday maybe it will.

Brevet Brigadier General Andrew B. Spurling is buried in Rose Hill cemetary, Chicago, Illinois.
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