2nd Lieutenant Marcus A. Vose, Company H
2nd Maine Cavalry, Veteran Volunteers

Marcus A. Vose was a 20-year-old resident of Montville when he was mustered in as orderly sergeant of Company B, 1st Maine, in October 1861.
He was promoted supernumerary 2nd lieutenant in October 1862 but was mustered out in January 1863 when that rank was abolished.
He then enlisted in Company H of the 2nd Maine Cavalry in December 1863 and was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in 1864.
He was wounded during the expedition from Pensacola to Montgomery in 1864.
He was promoted to 1st lieutenant and was mustered out in December 1865 at Barancas, Florida.
With 1st lieutenant bars on the collar of his jacket, he was photographed at Montgomery on August 21, 1865 by Hinton & Cleary (left image).