Pride of Baltimore
A working model in 1:20 scale.

I worked as a laborer on the construction of this vessel in the winter of 1976 and then served aboard as crew in 1981. My relationship with this boat is kind of a love-hate thing, but I'm glad of my experience and look back at it now with some fondness.

The Pride of Baltimore was a recreation of a Baltimore Clipper schooner. A nice write up about her from the Pride of Baltimore II's site was been reproduced on the History page here. There's also a nice comparison of the Pride and Pride II that's very interesting.

This project will be a model of the original Pride of Baltimore as she appeared during my time on her in 1981. It is based on Thomas Gilmer's 1:32nd scale plans of her dated 4/9/1977 with changes made to reflect her as built based on my photos from the time and notes made when I aquired the plans back in 1982. I have scaled the plans up to 1:20th scale to make the model a size that will be better able to carry the gear needed to make her sail.

The menu above, on the left, will appear on every page of this site, and will lead you to where you can read of Pride's history. See photos of the model on display or of Pride herself when I sailed aboard her. Check out my notes on dealing with some of the idiosyncrasies of an R/C Baltimore Clipper. And follow the progress of her construction in the Work Log.