A Radio-Controlled 1:36 Scale Model

Macedonian - 1812

HMS Macedonian was a Lively class frigate rated at 38 guns, built in 1810 at Woolrich near London, England. She was of an excellent design and typified the British 38 of the Napolionic Wars, but she was built of materials inferior than was usual for British vessels, due to shortages.

On October 25th, 1812 near Madeira in the Atlantic; initially thinking she had found the smaller Essex which was beleived to be in the area, Macedonian had the poor luck to fall in with the much more powerful frigate United States, to which she surrendered after a short, very one-sided fight. Brought home as a prize, she became an extremely important trophy for a young nation and it's small Navy.

As the US frigate Macedonian she served until 1828 when she was in too poor a condition to save and broken up as a new ship was built to replace her.

This project is to build a working, sailing model in 1:36 scale, of a workhorse of the Royal Navy - a typical 38 gun frigate, and a vessel that served in two navies.

The menu above, on the left, will appear on every page of this site, and will lead you to where you can read of Macedonian's history. See photos of the model under sail. Check out my notes on dealing with some of the idiosyncrasies of an R/C square rigger. And follow the progress of her construction in the Work Log.