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The images below are of men that served in Maine's cavalry regiments during the Civil War. Each and every one was a person that answered his country's call. Many of them died in that service. From their writings, journals, and reunion records, we know that their time together meant a great deal to them and they cherished that bond known only to people that have endured great hardship together.

As we find them, images and information of these men will be posted here because no one that gave so much for so many should be forgotten.

If you have or know where scans of images of the 1st, 2nd Maine Cavalry, or 1st DC Cavalry can be had,
please pass them along so we may add them to this collection.

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1st Maine Cavalry

Col John Goddard

Col Samuel Allen

Col Calvin Douty

Col C. H. Smith

Col J. P. Cilley

Lt Col Stephen Boothby

Maj Bejamin F.Tucker

Capt John Carson

Capt Charles W.Ford

1st Lt M.T.V.Bowman

1st Lt J.K.Brooks

1st Lt William P Coleman

1st Lt Lewellyn Estes
Co A

1st Lt Orin Haskell
Co A

1st Lt Benjamin A.Osborne
Co E

1st Lt Joel Wilson
Co F

1st Lt/Adjt Little
Co K

1st Lt John Myrick
Co K

1st Lt Henry A.Willis

2nd Lt Marcus A Vose
Co B

2nd Lt James Poor

2nd Lt "Henry"

Sgt Isreal Coombs
Co C

Sgt John Crawford
Co C

Sgt Alexander McDougal
Co K

Unidentified Sergeant

Alonzo Beckwith

Alonzo Harper
Co C

Alvin M Johnson
Co C

Charles H.Whitehouse
Co C

Samuelk E.Griffin
Co D

Unidentified Trooper

William L.Farwell

Robinson brothers

Thomas Hodges & friend
Co A

Calin H.Brown

4 1st Maine troopers

1st Maine Field Forge
at Belle Plain

2nd Maine Cavalry

Col Ephram Woodman
2nd Maine Cavalry

Lt Col J.F.Godfrey

Maj Andrew B Spurling

Major Charles A Miller

George W Martin

J R Eaton
Assistant Surgeon

Charles Nason

Capt A B Mathews
Co H

Capt Moses French
Co K

Capt Samuel H Libby
Co L

Capt John H Roberts
Co M

1st Lt A J Pickard
Co E

1st Lt D S Simpson
Co H

1st Lt W L Richmond
Co I

1st Lt A L Woodman
Co L

Lt Fred A Metcalfe

2 Lt John F.Milliken

2nd Lt James Cleavland

2nd LT Emilius Small

2nd Lt E D Davis

2nd Lt S S Holbrook
Co H

1st Lt Marcus A Vose
Co H

2nd Lt A C Emery
Co K

2nd Lt William H Moody
Co L

Lts Emery & Richmond

2nd Maine Officers

RQM Sgt S C Small

Com Sgt John F Gould
Co H

Sgt Frank W Pearce
Co A

Cpl Charles F Houston

2nd Maine 1864

1st District of Columbia Cavalry

Capt Joel Cloudman
Co D

Chaplain Samuel Merrill

Sgt Joshua Graffam

Cpl Edwin B Lamson

Albert A. Robinson

Unknown Trooper

Unknown Trooper

Thanks to
Joshua's Attic
for supplying many of the images above.

Updated: June 16, 2016

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